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Inter-schools’ Cross Country

Congratulations to all the children who competed as part of the Rural Team in the Cambridge Inter-schools’ Cross Country. You were great ambassadors for the school and ran really well. Incredible how fit some of those runners were!

Four children placed in the top 10 for their age group. Well Done!!

Catriona Lamb and Jonty Schick were both 7th in the 9 year olds.

Emily Watson was 1st; Lizzie Kennerley was 2nd in the 11 year olds.

Wall Worthy WINNERS

Congratulations to Talia, Amber, Bella and Ella who joined with Mr D to design a mural that will adorn the wall of Room 1. Wanting to brighten the entrance to the schoola mural was planned around 4 aspects of Roto-o-Rangi School: learning, the farming industry so crucial to the area, the flora and fauna being returned to it’s original state, and finally the mountain itself.

With some support from Mr D. the girls drew each part of the design and then sent it into Keep NZ Beautiful as part of a NZ wide school’s competition called Wall Worthy Designs. The prize: was to get the paint to be able to make the mural. Well the girls were amazed to hear that they were one of the five winning entries, but the biggest surprise was to come … the prize was: $750 worth of Resene vouchers and a new LED data projector.

Now we just need the artist to draw it out for us.

Wall Worthy design winners with their prize.

Wall Worthy design winners with their prize.

Rural Schools’ Cross Country

Congratulations to all of the children who ran in the Rural Schools’ Cross Country. You competed hard, ran your best and completed the course with pride. As a result we had 19 children finish in the top six places for each age group, resulting in a trip to the big Cambridge Inter-schools’ Cross Country on Friday 5th September.

Here are a few of the Juniors who competed for the first time at the Rural Schools’ day.

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Friday 29th August is the Rural Schools’ Cross Country. The entire school is competing this year, all the way down to the 5 year olds.

Click here for Cross Country info 2014

Click here for CRC Cross Country Map 2014

KIDS FOR KIDS concert.

The concert was an absolute hit last night, Wednesday 27th August. All the children sang well, behaved sensibly and contributed to a worthy event. We also had a soloist chosen to perform and a “Mods” dancer on show. Well Done Roto-o-Rangi.

Here are just a few shots of the night.

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World of Maths roadshow

On 12th Aug the school was treated to the World of Maths roadshow, where games are played/activities performed that require a lot of maths thinking. The children really enjoy the activities and don’t realise just how much maths they are doing.

A lovely ending to the day was the compliment I received about the children given by the facilitator of the roadshow. Having spent half the day with the children explaining the activities and then supporting them, he said, “you must be very proud of the children you have at this school. They were well behaved, enthusiastic and conducted themselves brilliantly. The teachers must be doing great work with them”. So well done everybody!

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Orchard Planting 2014

On the last day of Term 2, local families and the Eco Kids completed the
“orchard” begun last year. Generations of families turned up to plant the trees they sponsored so that the orchard could be completed. Below are some photos of the planting that took place.

Thanks so much to the families who sponsored a fruit tree. The Eco Kids came up with the idea, and thanks to your generosity, they were able to see it come to fruition.

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Talia has been awarded the Sir Peter Blake Trust Young Leader award for 2014.

Talia has displayed outstanding leadership qualities over the last 2 years in particular, earning her great respect amongst her peers. Not only does she volunteer to be involved in a diverse range of activities to support her class and the school, she gives it 100%. Talia has been in the Otago Maths Problem Solving, involved in a literacy extension group, entered the Waikato Spelling Bee competition, is a student leader, a Learning Agent and the ICT “go-to” person around the school. When a senior student is required to help in a junior class, Talia is the first person mentioned because of her patience, helpfulness and ability to clearly articulate the learning. All the while being a shy and modest young girl herself.

Thanks to Paul Evans, from Westpac Bank, for taking the time to present the award to Talia during Leadership Week at the end of term.

talia leaders award

As a mark of respect for Talia, the senior boys wanted to perform the haka for her. With lots of practicing in secret at break times, and some help from 4 boys in the kapahaka roopu from Cambridge High, they performed admirably.


Cambridge Gymnastics Festival

CONGRATULATIONS to all the gymnasts who participated in the Cambridge GymFest. Your behaviour, effort and attitude were exemplary.

We had some excellent results from the day:
Jonty Schick             1st overall for Boys Twisters grade.
Emily Watson            1st overall for Girls Twisters grade.
Zoe Fraser-Campin  3rd overall for Girls Twisters grade.
Tolson Beattie          2nd Flyers grade Trampoline.
Emily Watson            1st Twisters grade Trampoline.
Lizzie Kennerley      2nd Twisters grade Trampoline.
Tayla Mitchell           3rd Twisters grade Trampoline.



Our Eco Kids joined with the local Cambridge Community to do what Eco Kids do, participate in real world ecological practices for the good of future generations. On Thursday 5th June our Eco leaders joined with the Waipa Deputy Mayor and other Cambridge Community Board members, the Cambridge Tree Trust and other keen participants to begin the huge task of planting some 4,000 plants on the southern slopes of Lake Te Ko Utu in the heart of town. With large numbers of giant gum trees being felled recently, there is a need to replant with smaller, less dangerous plants on the sloping banks. Our eco leaders joined in to lend a hand. This is also a great learning experience for the group prior to them planting the orchard at school and working on our own Eco activities. On June 6th, the same group were able to visit Amber Nurseries to view large scale seed raising in preparation to their attempts to do the same and start an enterprise to self fund their own ecological pursuits. Here are some photos of the children getting  dirty for a good cause on Arbor Day.

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Family Portraits.

Thank you to Teresa Denton, from TeresaD Photography, for the great work she did this week with the family portraits. The website for families to order their photos through will be emailed to you as soon as the editing process has been completed. photo shootAlso thanks to Calleigh, who worked tirelessly drumming up support for this fundraiser and organised all the booking. Teresa has kindly donated her time to do the photoshoots and on top of that is donating $15 from every sitting back to the school.

New Government education funding.

The National government have committed $359 million to new intiatives in education. Do you know what it is about? How will it affect our school and the power of our BOT to drive what is best for our school. Here is a link to a youtube video with some information about it. Whilst it is a NZEI based video so has some bias,  it does outline some of the information integral to this initiative. Have a look! Click here. One point to consider, if it is such a good initiative why is it being rushed through and not consulting the sector and researchers thoroughly?

Congratulations to the following students for their sporting success recently:

Grace G for making the Cambridge Year 6B Rep netball team.                                        Zoe and Lizzie for making the Cambridge Year 6A Rep netball team,

Proud netball reps.

Proud netball reps.

Shaun, Courtney, Charlotte and Alice received placings in the top 9 at the recent Waikato/BOP Children’s Athletics championships.

Fast moving athletes

Fast moving athletes

open day

Click here for the Roto-o-Rangi District newsletter


Car Rally

Head down to the school on Sunday to see the Hamilton Car Club Rally. The school is being used as a servicing location for the cars being driven in the race. The Kairangi loop is the Race Track. Whilst down at the school, purchase a ticket in the raffle and you could be the co-driver for a “Hot Lap” around the loop.

inter-School Swimming Sports

CONGRATULATIONS to Jared and Callum Smith who placed 1st and 3rd respectively in their back stroke races. A mighty effort.

Well done to the rest of the team who swam their best, but were not able to get on the podium. A great incentive for 2015!

Good luck to all the children from Roto-o-Rangi School who are in the Rural School team for the inter-school swimming sports on Friday 4th April.

Click here to access the programme for the day.

Roto swimmers in the Rural Schools' Team.

Roto swimmers in the Rural Schools’ Team.

School Swimming Sports:  14/3/14 Congratulations to all of the children who participated in the school swimming sports last week. We could hear some great cheering for our House mates (especially from Kokako House) and many of the races were certainly close. The sportsmanship was outstanding throughout the entire day.

A HUGE thanks to the parents for their wonderful support yet again. Not only with transporting children there and organising the lunchtime like a well oiled machine, but also helping with judging the races and timekeeping. Another example of the great support the school is given.
Congratulations to the Champion Swimmers on the day:
Boys Champion: Thomas Hunt,  Runner-up Champion: Callum Smith.
Girls Champion: Sophia Sherwin, Runner-up Champions: Charlotte Crofskey, Catriona Lamb and Emily Watson.

Some snaps of the day are to follow soon:



A fabulous day had by the students. Many were successful in their races but most importantly, everyone gave their best. The children’s behaviour and support for each other was admirable. 

Watch the slideshow of some of the events on the day:

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Friday 28th Feb at 9am and returning by 3pm.

Juniors will travel on the bus and seniors in parent cars. The entire school will be participating. Children under 8 years of age will be doing a swimming demo and tabloid sports, whilst children aged 8+ years will be in age based races.

Lunch is available on the day, to be purchased there. Click HERE to see what is on offer

Looking forward to seeing loads of people there so for this inaugural event.


THANKS to all the parents and children who turned up on Sunday 16th Feb  and gave up their morning for a Working Bee. Rural schools couldn’t survive without such generous giving of your time. Entire families were here shovelling and raking.

The 50m of cushionfall (to make our playground safer) was spread in no time because we had so many workers, wheelbarrows, rakes and shovels. The 2 loaders helped a lot; thanks to the Graeme and Dean for their expert driving.

All jobs were well completed by lunchtime. Even the drain got a bit of work done on it thanks to Jim Gregan. Once again the Curins have helped by transporting the cushionfall from Auckland.

Have a look at the crew getting stuck in. (Just click on the image to expand it to full size.)

Congratualtions to Andrew, Callum, Zoe and Talia for being selected as the school’s Student Leaders. They will represent the school at official functions, when we have special visitors and on trips out of school. Being a Learning Agent will be one of their key roles.

Student Leaders 2014

Student Leaders 2014

The humid, warm weather has brought out the nits. Before it becomes an issue we need parents to be vigilant checking their children’s hair and treating any as soon as they can. Click on the link below to access the MOE website about nits in schools. It has good information about nit myths, facts and treatments.

Nit Treatment Welcome Back 2014

welcome 2014

PRIZEGIVING Assembly – December 8th, 2013 7pm.

Welcome everyone to the Prizegiving Assembly held in the Roto-o-Rangi Community Hall at 7pm. Just a few final reminders:

  1. Students come in through the front gate and assemble under the archgola between 6.45 and 6.55pm
  2. All students will stay with the school group, whilst pre-school children need to stay with their parents.
  3. Up to 6 children in each class will be recognised for their academic or Values learning throughout this year.
  4. It gets very warm in the hall so students do not need jackets or jumpers, even if it is chilly outside.

So make sure you come along to share this fun and rewarding evening with the children. A special visitor might even give you a lolly!!



Thanks to the families who helped with the float decoration and providing the little elves who were on the float. It was a bright a cheerful float with many an attendee noting the poor “elf” stuck in the school house chimney.

Here we are preparing for the parade.

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The School shirt is worn anytime, but most importantly, when representing the school and on trips. It is not a uniform and so does not need to be worn at other times.


Shirt Style 2

The New Timetable
  • 9:00am (school starts) – 10.15am: 1st block
    • Morning tea 10.15 til 10.35
  • 10.35 – 11.50am: 2nd block
    • Lunchtime 11.50 til 12.30
  • 12.30 – 1.40pm: 3rd block
    • Game Break 1.40 til 2.00
  • 2.00 – 3.00pm: 4th block. School finishes at 3pm

 Roto-o-Rangi School is situated 10 km south of Cambridge in a lovely rural setting in view of Maungatautari mountain. Between 100 – 110 children from the Roto-o-Rangi and Kairangi districts attend our school, as well as some families from the nearby areas of Monavale and Leamington. The school covers Year 0-6 whilst the Play Centre across the road caters for the pre-school children of the area.

The school bus, known as the Town Bus, has a stop on Carlyle Street at the Leamington Rugby Grounds to cater for the needs of all our Leamington families, whilst the Country Bus caters for the families living in the country area surrounding the school.